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At Knightlow pupils gain scientific understanding from the moment they begin to interact with their surroundings. In the early stages of development children begin to establish how things in their environment react and behave. They enjoy the opportunity to explore, to create, to invent and to enjoy. They discover and use their senses of hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and tasting. Children are also able to grow their investigative and analytical skills using our extensive grounds and the facilities offered in Forest School.


When pupils learn Science they are obtaining a set of skills and a body of knowledge that will be required for the essential routines of life; for work, for pleasure and for creativity in the future. Science really is an integral and essential component of the whole curriculum. They are encouraged to develop an understanding of our world and the environment and making sense of it, primarily through exploration, investigation and independent learning of scientific principles.


Knightlow use 'Switched On Science' as a core learning scheme, which provides a varied and challenging range of lessons to meet the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum.

Environment Club

Environment Club 1 Great Crested Newt
Environment Club 2 Mr.Stegall tells about local endangered species
Environment Club 3
Environment Club 4
Environment Club 5
Environment Club 6
Environment Club 7 Dr.Mallon teaches us about bees and pollination
Environment Club 8
Environment Club 9 Identifying different local species of bees
Environment Club 10
Environment Club 11
Environment Club 12
Environment Club 13
Environment Club 14
Environment Club 15
Environment Club 16
Environment Club 17
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