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Weekly Spellings - Tested 22nd January

Monday 18th January

Welcome to a new week Year 6.

We are really looking forward to seeing your faces on screen, finding new ways to engage with you and your learning. Think about which of your BLP's you need to tap into to get cracking this morning.

Tuesday 19th January


Welcome to a new learning day Year Six. We hope you are feeling refreshed and vibrant and ready for action today!

Wednesday 20th January 


Wow Year 6 - We are half way through the week already!

We are really looking forward to seeing you again today in our meetings. 

We have got some exciting work planned, so lets getting cracking and flex those learning muscles!

Thursday 21st January


Good morning Year 6!

Have a great day of learning. We will see you at 10.30am.

Friday 22nd January


Another week of learning under your belt Year 6. We hope you have something enjoyable planned for this afternoon. Have a great day of learning and a lovely weekend.

Take care.

Weekly Timetable

Week Beginning 11th January

Monday 11th January

Happy Monday one and all! We hope that you have had a delightful weekend and that you are ready to get back in the learning zone today.

Tuesday 12th January


Welcome back lovely Year 6 learners! You did a super job of your learning yesterday and we can't wait to get started today! Get those learning muscles flexed and ready to go!

Wednesday 13th January


Welcome to Wednesday fabulous Year 6! It is learning time again - time to get started.

Get your bodies and brains in the learning zone.

Thursday 14th January


Welcome back for another day of learning Year 6. I wonder how many of your 'Learning Powers' (Mwah, Mwah) you will develop today. Let's go for it!


Friday 15th January


Well, Year 6 we have reached the end of another week. Well done!

Your lessons for today are in the documents section. Have a great day of learning and we will look forward to starting our learning journey again on Monday. Have a great weekend!

The Big Share - Some fabulous extracts of your writing from Plot Point 4

Friday 8th January


We hope you had a good day yesterday. Thank you for sending in your pieces of writing. You will be able to read a selection of work created by others in the class in the 'Plot Point 1 - Big Share'. It was lovely to read your work and I will be sending you feedback today. 


Thursday 7th January 2021

Good Morning Year 6

You will find all of the information and resources you need for the day in the documents below. Please read the instructions carefully. Have a great day!


Welcome to Wednesday!


Good Morning Year 6

You will find the information and resources you need for the day listed below. We hope you have a great day of learning and look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care


Happy Tuesday!

We are sending all of our love to those of you that are at home – we really wish we could all be together, but as we were only saying in class yesterday, it is really important that we follow all the guidance to keep ourselves and each other safe.

The learning here for you today is very similar to what you would have been doing ‘live’ in the classroom.  We talked a lot about presentation and taking pride in our work yesterday, remember it is really important that you do your very best to produce work of the very best standard. Unless stated otherwise please use A4 lined paper for your work. (Different page per subject with the date and LI)

Today in your learning you will cover:








Let's get cracking!

Love Mrs B, Mrs S, Mrs G and Mrs M


Maths: (Approx. 50 minutes) LI: Calculating the mean average

You will remember that in yesterday’s lesson we were learning about the mean average. The mean is the average worked out by adding all the data together and then dividing it by how many are in the set. We looked at strategies for finding number bonds and doubles to help when adding long lists of data together. We also revised our times tables facts and short division for the division part of the calculation.

Jog your memory and practise finding the mean average using the attached questions. (Mean Average Fluency Year 6) Scroll through the differentiated questions and choose a page that is the right level of challenge for you.  The answers are there for you to check your work after.

Then have a go at the Mastery Checkpoint and Champions Challenge.

Please remember to show ALL calculations and working out.



English: (Approx. 1 hour) LI: Developing Proof-reading Skills

In English today you will be rehearsing your proof-reading skills. Click on the link below to go to the Natural Curriculum website. (But not yet!)

When you get to the page please read the clip descriptions – and then watch the clip before completing the word challenge.

Then, along the bottom of the page you will see tabs titled: The Grammar Bit, Whiteboard Challenge and Writing Ideas.

Please complete:

  • The activities on The Grammar Bit page – all four sentences.
  • The three challenges on Whiteboard Challenge
  • Then chose ONE of the writing ideas from Writing Ideas and go for it! Please spend at least 30mins on this piece of writing.  Please email your writing in to the school admin address by 3:30pm so that I can mark it and send your feedback.



Music: (Approx. 40 minutes)

Our Musician of the week this Tracey Chapman.

Please look on the Music page of the school website to find the PowerPoint to read all about her. The PowerPoint has links for you to click on to listen to her music. There is a new response worksheet below (Music artist reflection template) for you to download and complete. Happy listening and responding. 


Art/Music: (Approx. 1 hour)

As you know, we have been enjoying the various artists of Musician of the Week all academic year. We would like you to design and produce a front cover for your Music folder. The cover should be unique and creative in design but must be A4 size, have the title ‘Music,’ your full name and class written on it. For your cover you could produce some amazing sketches of musical instruments, include musical notation or draw famous musicians.  You can use any media that you have access to, but we do ask that on this occasion that you do not use the computer for illustrations – only for lettering if you wish to.  You could draw, paint, collage – really challenge yourself to produce something of a really high standard. Please take a picture of your work and send it into school. This is an opportunity for you to really let your design skills shine and research into different musical instruments and what they look like. Below are some ‘How to’ films that might give you some inspiration for your drawings.


PSHE: (Approx. 45mins) LI: Planning and developing budgeting skills

In our PSHE learning we have started to learn about Money and Budgeting. Your challenge today is to organise a birthday party with a budget of £50.

You will need to research into the costing of:

  • Party food
  • Decorations
  • Games
  • Entertainment

And anything else that you think would help your party to go with a bang!

Please create a list of costings (within budget) ensuring that you are getting the very best value for money.

Then reflect on the task. Write a reflection about any difficult budgeting decisions that you had to make and how these made you feel? What have you learnt from this experience? Has anything surprised you? If you were going to do this task again, what would you do differently?


Reflection Time:

Well done for all of your hard work today. We are sure that you have felt many different emotions in the last 24 hours about what has happened with lockdown and your learning today.

Take some time now to write a list of all of the things that your feel grateful for right now – try to focus on the small things e.g. the delicious sandwich you had for lunch, the smell of your clothes when they are freshly washed or the birds that you can see from your window. There is so much to be thankful for in our world.


Dear God,

Thank you so much for the loved ones in my life,

For the many ways in which I am cared for and supported.

Thank you for the many ways I can serve and give to others.

Thank you for the rich tapestry of colours in creation,

For the beauty which is all around me,

For the skies and the ever changing cloud formations,

For the breath-taking sunsets and early morning mists.

My heart is so grateful and brimming with thanks.

I could write a thousand books about your great goodness,

And still have many stories to tell.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I thank you with everything I am


Well done!!!!

Welcome to Year 6


So far this term Year 6 have been:

  • Enjoying about the wonders of nature; creating wonderful sketches, writing poetry and building bird boxes.
  • Immersing themselves in PE lessons, enjoying dance, gymnastics and outdoor sports such as hockey and football.
  • Dissecting hearts and learning about the circulatory system in response to the text 'Pigheart Boy' by Malorie Blackman.
  • Engaging brilliantly with learning about the Ancient Greek civilisation: creating a story-telling dance, writing mythology and loving the story 'Who Let the Gods Out' by Maz Evans.

  • Learning about light and shadow and creating some stunning art to reflect their learning.


It has been wonderful to see the children becoming more independent in their learning and absorbed as learners! Keep up the great work Year 6!



Please find a reminder of the homework below - check your homework diary for when each piece needs to be handed in.

Don't forget to have your homework diary ready to hand in on Monday morning.



Weekly Spellings for this half term can be found in the document attached below - also available on Spelling Shed




Merry Christmas!

Still image for this video

Christmas Dance!

Still image for this video

Learning in Science and Topic Lessons


Still image for this video
Year 6 have choreographed this dance based on the ancient Greek myth 'Theseus and The Minotaur' during their dance lessons this half term. They have enjoyed working in such a collaborative and emotive way and were really proud to perform their dance for their Reception Buddies.

Year 6 Learning In Action

Still image for this video
Year 6 have been learning and applying a wide range of knowledge and skills this term. We have been active in our approaches to learning about measures in maths and design technology.

Parents' Meeting Presentation

Our Visit to Coventry Cathedral - Peace, Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Midsummer Night's Dream

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