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Year 3

Summer  Term


Welcome to the Year 3 class page and the fabulous summer term, which is filled with many delights including Science Week, Space Camp and Sports Day. We hope you are ready for a fun filled time and hopefully lots of summer sunshine too. Please make sure you read the weekly newsletter to stay informed of what is happening, especially the key events.


A gentle reminder to ensure your child brings their named P.E. kits ready for Tuesdays athletics outside and ensure they have a sun hat and cream, if needed. They may need a choice of sports leggings, joggers or shorts, as the weather has changed from cold to hot in a day. The kit can stay in school on your child's peg ready for the other P.E. session.


We encourage your child to bring a healthy snack for break times and bottle of water (named if possible), as it's warmer weather and the children are working hard so need the energy boost.


Thank you 

Mrs Maher, Ms Bostrom and the Year 3 team.


If you have any further questions please contact us or the office.



Science week


Movements and Energy

Dropped objects move downwards

Cupcake parachutes was the first science investigation this week and during the class discussion the children raised some super questions to form their investigations. They observed two cup cake cases being held at shoulder height and dropped once. Then the children thought about what they would like to find out?


Questions and thoughts

  • Why do paper cupcake cases flip over?
  • Do the cake cases go upside down every time?
  • If the cup cake case was facing upwards, would it land downwards?
  • Which cupcake case would have more drag? Does the size make a difference?
  • What would happen if it had a few holes in it?
  • If we change the height would that make a difference?
  • What would happen if I flattened it?
  • What would happen if I used two cases?

Photos to follow;




Today, we are Knightlow Aerospace Engineers and need to solve the problem of a damaged spacesuit glove (latex glove). The children were set the challenge to work out how to repair a small slit in a latex glove. We explained whilst in space, the suit including a glove would need to be air tight to protect the astronaut and so the children's brainstormed ideas of what materials they might need. Then we informed them we would be testing to see if it was water tight/air tight by immersing their gloved hand into a large bowl of cold water. Next, the children made a small hole and then chose how they would repair it learning partner pairs or independently. 

The children's repair ideas:


duck tape

parcel tape


bubblewrap and tape


pulling the glove into a bunch in the middle and attached an elastic band.

Results and photos to follow

SPRING term 1

Dear Children,

sorry to hear that some of you are isolating a home and we wish you well. Please find below some of the daily learning, which you can carry out if you are well enough. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 

kind regards 

Ms Bostrom, Mrs Maher and the Year 3 team.

Good Morning Year 3,


below is your home learning for today. 


Maths - Finding fractions that equal 1 whole 

English - Punctuating speech 

Spelling - Please search the text for the 'ch' sound. Then write 3 sentences of your own that contain the ch sound. 

Geography - Please read through the PowerPoint and then choose one desert animal that you would like to research further. Then please create a fact file on that animal. 


Please make sure you keep all of your work in a folder ready to bring in when you come back. :) 


Have a wonderful day,


Mrs Maher 

Thursday 3rd February 2022

Good Morning Year 3,


thank you for sending in your work from yesterday. 

Below is today's learning. 


Maths- you need to write the fractions on the number line. Think about how many parts the number line is split up into, this will help you know what the denominator should be. For example if the number line has 8 markers on, you know then it is split into 1/8s. 


English - 'Animal Adverbs'. Adverbs are words that describe verbs and they help to add more detail to our sentences. Practise using adverbs by filling in the correct adverb to match how the animal moves. 

Then, can you create 3 sentences of your own describing the desert animal you researched yesterday. Do not forget to include at least 1 adverb in each sentence. 


Topic - Now you have looked at many desert animals and how they adapt to their environment, can you create your very own animal that would be able to survive in the desert? Think about the features of the animals yesterday and then apply this to your animal-what will it need to have to survive? 

Draw you animal and write a description please. 


I look forward to seeing your creations. 


Mrs Maher 

Friday 4th February 2022

Spellings for this week:
















Autumn Term 1

Welcome back, Year 3!

We know how excited you have been to join in us in KS2 and we cannot wait to start teaching you. We will be starting our term off with an exploration of the book 'The Paperbag Prince' where we will delve into the story through drama, music, art, dance and writing. We will also be having our very own World Cup. However, it is not the World Cup as you know it. It is our Knightlow Fairy Tale World Cup!  You will get to listen to lots of fairy tales and vote for your favourite. I wonder which will win? Do you have a prediction before we start?


Structure of the Week

Ms Bostrom will be teaching you on Monday, Tuesday and Mrs Maher will be teaching you on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 


Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday - please come to school in correct school PE kit. Tuesday will be outdoor P.E with Miss Morgan, so please dress appropriately for the weather. Thursday will be indoor P.E. with Mrs Maher. 


Timings of the day are 8:40 to 8:55 to arrive and 3:25 to leave. Please collect your children from the back playground (outside the Year 4 classroom as we will be coming up the ramp outside their room)


Mrs Maher, Ms Bostrom, Miss Bagshaw and Mrs Ponchaux

Times Tables

Don't forget to practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars:



Don't forget to practise your Spellings on Spelling Shed: 

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