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From September 2014 Knightlow has been using the exciting Prospectus Planning framework to implement the new National Curriculum requirements. The planning includes all the foundation subjects including Geography. The themes  have enthused the staff and pupils alike and with titles like Disaster, Wild Water, Extreme Survival, Indian Spice and Get Out of my Swamp you can see why! The syllabus includes the subjects taught through innovative ways such as drama, individual research, stories and experiments and these techniques encourage the children to learn independently in a modern and creative way; giving a new slant to investigating geographical ideas and it is all very child friendly.

Lots of practical observation and fieldwork are embedded in the geography elements alongside planned educational visits to develop the children's understanding even further.


International Week - June 2015

There were so many activities going on building on the Reception and Year 5's Stories 4Change book launch which took place on the Thursday. Throughout the week all the classes were involved in a whole range of global activities including, dressing up in  international costumes, having visitors talking about the cultures and languages of Norway and Spain, as well as map making, to name but a few.


Environment club

Environment club 1 Local Endangered species The Great Crested Newt
Environment club 2 Mr Steggall showing us some local wildlife
Environment club 3
Environment club 4
Environment club 5
Environment club 6 Dr.Mallon teaching us about bees and pollination
Environment club 7 Identifying local species of bees
Environment club 8 Dr.Mallon teaching us about bees and pollination
Environment club 9 Dr.Mallon teaches us how to identify local species
Environment club 10 Dr Mallon identifies bees in our school grounds
Environment club 11 Making ladybird houses
Environment club 12
Environment club 13
Environment club 14
Environment club 15 Making ladybird houses
Environment club 16
Environment club 17 Planning our minibeast habitat
Environment club 18 A nest found at Forest School
Environment club 19 Checking our bird boxes at Forest School

Our Global Family

Our Global Family 1
Our Global Family 2

Mrs. Shirley Baker

Geography Curriculum Leader

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Geography National Curriculum

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