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Year 1

English - 'The End' Poem

  • What is it like to be six? Discuss birthdays and parties.
  • Read 'The End' by A. A. Milne  What is this poem about? How does the person feel about being six? Reread the poem, indicating the ages on your fingers.
  • What can you do now you are in Year 1 that you could not do when you were in Reception? Maybe you can dress yourself now or ride a bike, Maybe you can form your cursive letters properly or know the correct running technique.
  • Can you create a poster of you doing all the things that you can now do and write matching sentences to explain. Make sure you remember your non-negotiables and take your time to check you have worked towards your targets.

Maths - Arrays


Follow along the PowerPoint labelled Arrays. Arrays are an arrangement of objects in rows and column. Remember that rows go across and columns go down. Today we are focusing on arrays with groups of 2s, 5s and 10s because we are already super at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s! After you have gone through the power point, have a go at the attached sheet. To make things easier to remember 3 x 2 is the same as saying 3 groups of 2 (3 groups with 2 in each group).

Phonics with Maple

Beat the Teachers! Can you beat our scores on Hit the Button?

We have some new, exciting additions in our classroom!

Red Nose day!



Dear Parents,

We have had a wonderful term so far and we are so proud of all of the children and their progress. They have really risen to the challenges that Year 1 brings and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Poles last term. The children have created some fabulous art work focusing on the Aurora Borealis and have loved learning about Inuit people and how they live. We have also carried out a variety of experiments to explore materials and their properties and are looking forward to carrying this on this half term


This term we are so thankful and excited to be back together as a year 1 family learning in the classroom! We have already planted even more flowers and vegetables to watch grow and to help us learn about plants and what they need to grow and how different they all are! We cannot believe how fast the peas in particular are growing! We we also be learning about sculptures this term and will be exploring the artwork of Alberto Giacometti to help inspire us for our own sculptures. 


We are so incredibly proud of the children and their hard work during the last lock down and are very grateful for all of the support and help you have been given your child. It was so lovely to see how enthusiastic and proud of their learning they were each day and as a result have made wonderful progress. We can't wait to keep sharing our learning with you!


Thank you for your ongoing support,


Miss Wilby, Mrs Davies and Mr Evans :)




This year your child will receive weekly maths homework. We are working hard to develop our fluency alongside reasoning and problem solving. Please encourage your child to discuss their reasoning with you and to use concrete resources to support and deepen their understanding.

We are also starting to send home letter formation sheets to practice writing cursive letters from the line and in the correct way. You will also find QR codes on each sheet with myself (Miss Wilby) demonstrating the letter formation alongside the rhyme which matches to our phonics sounds.

Both maths and letter formation homework is due back in on Wednesdays.


Weekly spellings will be sent home for the term for a test on Fridays. All spellings are partnered with our weekly phonics lessons. The spellings are also available to download below and to practice on Spelling Shed. If you do not have access to Spelling Shed, please let a member of the Year 1 team know.


Reading books

Children will be able to change reading books every Friday. Please use the reading bookmarks (banded and KS1) to support your child and their comprehension of the text that they are reading. Please can you record all your child’s reading at home in their Reading diary, including the name of the book and the pages read. 



Children will have PE lessons every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure that they come into school in their PE kit on these days.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Miss Wilby and the Year 1 team

Letter of the week!

Each week we are focusing on one letter to nail the formation of correctly. This week's letter is the letter 'a' - you start on the line. Go to the top of the apple, then go around the apple and down the leaf. Please follow the link below to see the modelling of the letter. Make sure you are holding your pencil correctly!

Letter formation worksheets

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