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Year 1

Summer Term 2


Hi Year 1,

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine over half term. We have been so lucky with the weather. Although my garden is now desperate for some rain.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Charlie B, Florence, Jess and Vanessa. All of you had your birthdays over the holiday and I hope you had a very special day. 

Obviously this week is a bit different to previous weeks. I am putting the whole week on the website, but for those children who are returning to school, I will be teaching Day 1 and Day 2. So if you are coming to school on Thursday or Friday please could you start with  Day 3 and Day 4 on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is now a wellbeing day for everyone and I will not be setting any work. 


Timetable Week Beginning 13 July Week 14

Timetable Week Beginning 6 July. week 13

Timetable Week Beginning 29 June Week 12

Timetable Week Beginning 22 June 2020

Week 10 Timetable

Week 9 

Just want to wish Happy Birthday to Isaac for Tuesday.

Week 9 Timetable

A letter for those children returning to school

Week 8 Year 1 Timetable

Wednesday 3 June Wellbeing Wednesday

Unfortunately the Powerpoint mentioned in the topic section will not upload but can be found at Twinkl - Apollo Moon Landing Information. The Powerpoint is only there if you want to extend your learning and is not vital.

Year 1 Week 6 Timetable

Year 1 Week 5 Timetable

Hi everyone,

I hope the last two days have not been too stressful. Here is Wednesday's learning

Good Luck

Miss Macgregor

Hello Year 1 

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and are ready for some exciting new learning. I have attached all the work you will need for the next few days. Use as much or as little as you feel able to.

I would also like to send congratulations to Annabel and her family for the safe arrival of her baby sister. We have all been so excited waiting for the news.

Happy belated birthday wishes to Jax for his birthday earlier this month. I hope you managed to have a super time despite the restrictions. Happy Birthday to Bella for her birthday coming up this week too.


If you need any help or advice don't hesitate to contact me.

Miss Macgregor and Mrs Daviessmiley

Friday 27 March


Unbelievably we are almost at the end of our first week.

Maths - Today you might want to log on to and play one of the KS1 maths games  Sum Connect 4 etc.


English - Try to write as many words as you can that contain the 'a' sound   ( a  ai   ay   a-e .)

Can you sort the words into the correct spelling eg 

a ai a-e ay
acorn rain made play


Who can find the most?


Topic - While the weather is sunny, if you can get out. Can you find different plants and find out what they are called? If they are in your garden, can you draw them?


Keep smiling


Thursday 26th March


Morning everyone,


Maths - Use the numbers from yesterday to count on in tens from 10. Then in tens  from 4 . Then in tens from 7.

Turn all the numbers cards face down and with your grown up or family, turn one number over each. Whoever has the largest number wins. 


English - Can you write down 5 questions for your grown up to find the answers to? Don't forget to add a question mark at the end of your questions. Then can your grown up write 5 questions for you to find the answers?


Topic - Can you find 4 objects made from: metal, wood, plastic, and glass around your house and draw them in different sets.

Challenge can you sort them by their properties?  eg hard, soft, flexible, transparent, translucent, opaque)



Wednesday 25th March

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all working hard and keeping as safe as you possibly can. 

Alongside the sheets I sent home last week, here are a couple of things you might like to try today.


Maths - Write down all the numbers you can in order to 100. If possible write them down on squared paper and then cut them up. Can you put them into a 100 square correctly.  Remember the patterns

( Down - the tens column goes up by one  and the ones column stays the same. Across - the tens column stays the same and the ones column goes up by one.) Then can you sort your numbers into odd and even numbers.  Keep your numbers  safe for other tasks.


Challenge - Can you find all the multiples of 2? What is a multiple? What does it mean?


English - Both you and your grown up find a page in a book with lots of words. Then challenge each other to find the most sentences on your page. Check your grown up is not cheating! Did they count their sentences correctly? How do you know what a sentence is? When you have found your sentence, can you write down all the capital letters you find on the page? Are they always at the start of a sentence? How many different capital letters did you find? Did you beat your grown up? 


Good Luck , have fun and  keep safe!


Miss Macgregor smiley


Spring Term 2020

This term sees Year 1 learning about the polar regions of the world. Studying not only the climate, but the animals and people who live and work in the Arctic and Antarctic. The children will look at famous explorers in history, recognise and name continents in geography and study animal characteristics in science. Art will involve making Arctic landscapes and weaving the Aurora Borealis.

Later in the term our topic will be all about traditional tales from different countries, especially Denmark, which will lead into our preparations for Stories4schools. Jack and the beanstalk will inspire our look at the growing conditions of plants and we hope to sow lots of seeds, potatoes and beans to create a beautiful display in the summer.


If  you would like any further information or have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me directly or through the school office.

Kind regards

Shona Macgregor


Keeping Ice Trolls Cool.

Making Arctic Landscapes

Making Christmas Cards on the Computer

The Fire Brigade Visit

St John'S Museum in Warwick

Walk Around Stretton On Dunsmore

Looking for physical and human features

African Dancing

Autumn Term 2019

Welcome back to another new term at Knightlow C of E Primary School.

This term Year 1 will be learning about poetry, especially the work of Allan Ahlberg.

We will also be learning about life in Africa and comparing it to their own lives. We hope to have parents in to teach us about music and dance from Zambia.

Later in the term we will look at Victorian Schools, culminating in a Victorian role play day.

Useful websites


    • Fun phonics games which use real and alien words.
    • Videos and games created by a primary school teacher to help children with their phonics.
    • The Abacus website will soon be set up for me to allocate the children numeracy games for which they can earn points and buy things for an online portal, I will keep you posted!



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