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History and Geography Learning Leader Action Plan 2020-21

History Statement of Intent


Historical studies are fundamental to every child as we all experience a local and national history that draws us together in shared stories.  Our History curriculum at Knightlow strives to inspire curiosity in our pupils whilst developing a broad knowledge base and the key historical skills. Our intent is to deliver a curriculum that is accessible to all and that will enable children to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time. 

Our curriculum has been designed to flow logically and chronologically whilst covering the history of the British Isles from the earliest times to the present day. Additionally, an exploration of the history of the wider world including ancient civilisations, the expansion and dissolution of empires and the characteristic features of past non-European societies provide our children with a broad and balanced overview. Children are introduced to key historical vocabulary and concepts such as time, change and chronology, cause and consequence, evidence and reliability, interpretation and significance.  A central aim of our enquiry based learning approach is the development of the fundamental skills of research, analysis, evaluation, communication and reflection. Children are encouraged to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement.  Wherever possible, studies are enhanced by incorporating our rich local history, drawing children in by making their study more relevant and personalised to them.  Children’s learning is enhanced by the use of a wide range of primary and secondary historical sources and we encourage the children to use their learning power of reflection to regularly review and make connections in their studies.

Our children love History and we always seek ways to bring History to life through integrated themes and topics. The children really enjoy having a topic to sink their teeth into, and this year already they have been immersed in times gone by such as the Ancient Greeks, The Victorians, The Stone-Age and Mexico and the Mayans. As often as we can, class teachers will arrange educational visits to further extend the children's learning and understanding. Years One and Two enjoyed a trip to St. John's Museum recently, and found out what life would have been like attending a Victorian school. Kim Biddulph, our History expert, has engaged the children in learning about The Stone Age and Anglo-Saxons, and we have even made great use of our grounds by creating settlements in Forest School!


Please find below a copy of the Primary History curriculum covering both Key Stage One and Two.

Local museum pieces on display to develop our sense of local history and heritage

Black Country Museum Trip

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