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Meet the Governors

Meet the Knightlow Governors

Vicky Deasley (Chair)      Foundation Governor, Stretton charities              Re-elected  1st Sep 2019

Alec Ross                          Foundation Governor, Stretton                                Re-elected  30th May 2021

Beverley Suffell                Foundation Governor, Priest in Charge                Ex-officio (stand in)

Angie Maffey                    Foundation Governor, Frankton                            Re-elected  6th Jun 2020

Simon Farley                     Foundation Governor, Stretton                              Elected 9th Dec 2019

Brenda Sparrow               Local Authority Governor                                        Retired Mar 2021

Jill Vavasour                      Head Teacher Governor                                          Ex-officio  

Marie-Claire O’Brien           Parent Governor                                                       Elected  1st Sep 2019

Janet Paget                       Foundation Governor, Marton                               Elected 1st Sep 2020

Kyronne Dodd                  Foundation Governor, Marton                               Retired July 2020            

Louisa Brown                    Staff Governor                                                          Re-elected   8th Nov 2019

Nicola Haywood               Foundation Governor, Bourton                             Re-elected  1st Sep 2019

Russel Hartland-Shaw     Parent Governor                                                      Elected 1st Sep 2021

Rob Hoyle (Vice Chair)    Local Authority Governor                                       Elected 23rd June 2021

                     (Note: Rob Hoyle was previously a Knightlow Parent Governor)

Note: all non ex-officio governors serve a term of 4 years.

Governing Body remit:

Please note that the Governors are concerned as a whole body with the strategic development of Knightlow to continue to deliver school improvement and secure excellent outcomes for all pupils.

-  For school operational issues please talk to the school office.

-  For specific concerns about your child's education or their class please talk to the class teacher in the first instance and then the headteacher.


Contacting the Governors:

If you wish to speak to the Chair of Governors, please contact her via the school, or contact Rob Hoyle via the email at:

Full Governing Body Meeting     Chair Vicky Deasley

Governors meet 4 times a year as a full Governing Body, to discuss and make decisions upon a range of matters regarding the strategic planning of the school. The whole purpose of school governance is school improvement, and there are three key areas where governors can make a difference.

To provide a strategic view: working with the headteacher to help decide the school's strategy for improvement so that pupils learn most effectively.

To monitor and evaluate (challenge and support): The GB provides the headteacher and staff with support, advice and information, drawing on GB members' knowledge and experience. The Governing Body work to promote the interests of the school and its pupils and work with the staff with this common interest.

To ensure accountability: The headteacher and staff are accountable to the Governing Body, and report on the school's performance. The Governing Body is in turn accountable for its actions to the parents and the wider community, in respect of the school's overall performance.


At Knightlow School the Governing Body delegates key tasks to two sub committees.


Teaching & Learning Committee      Chair: Louisa Brown

The committee meets 3 times a year with a focus on learning and school improvement. Key documents reviewed are the school Self Evaluation Form (SEF) which drives the Learning Improvement Plan (LIP) which is the road map that sets out the changes a school needs to make to improve the level of pupil achievement. Key discussions take place on the curriculum, Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND), parent consultation and embedding BLP in all aspects of pupil learning. Certain school policies are delegated to this committee for review and approval.


Resources Committee      Chair: Alec Ross

The committee meets 3 or 4 times a year and works with the head teacher to review the annual school budget, and monitor income and expenditure against the budget, identifying any significant financial risks & implications for the school. Key discussions take place around staffing levels and pay, Health and Safety & the school premises. Certain school policies are delegated to this committee for review and approval.

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