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Welcome to Year 2 

Summer Term 1

Dear Parents,

With Easter fast approaching, I can hardly believe that we are coming to the end of our second term in Year 2.   This last half term has been packed full of learning and I have been so impressed at how enthusiastically the children have responded to our Home Front Topic. They have matured and made significant progress.  Next half term, the children will be of course be working hard towards their SATS but they will be doing so through an exciting and inspiring curriculum.  Mrs Duckett returns on Mondays and together we will be focussing on The Great Fire of London and the great outdoors.  As always, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to pop in and see either myself or Mrs Duckett.

Best wishes,

The Year 2 Team




This half term, we will be revising key spelling, grammar and punctuation and effective strategies for approaching reading comprehensions.  We will be looking at a variety of stories set during the Great Fire of London and using these to inspire our own story writing and poetry.  We will also be looking at non-chronological reports and writing about our own fire breathing dragons!


In Maths, we’ll be focussing on mental fluency and looking at techniques to improve adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in our heads.  We’ll spend a little time on money and also on the properties of 3D shapes.  Finally, we will be refreshing our knowledge of time and looking at reading analogue clocks alongside digital clocks.  

Physical Development

I love the summer term as we are able to get outside and start enjoying athletics and games.  PE days will be Wednesday and Friday so please ensure PE kits are in school.   




The Great Fire of London

We’ll be turning our attention back to the era of the Stuarts and exploring the devastating Great Fire of London.  We’ll study the effect it had on the people of the time, looking at the diary of Samuel Pepys and a variety of other historical sources.  We’ll be exploring some wonderful children’s fiction based around the Great Fire to really bring this topic alive for the children. 



In RE, we will be exploring what it means to be part of a Faith community.  We’ll investigate the responsibilities, benefits and joys that being part of a community can bring.


For all of the summer term, our science lessons will span two key topics: Mini Worlds and Young Gardeners. The children will be observing mini beasts in the Knightlow grounds, using magnifying glasses and microscopes.  They will investigate ideal habitats and try growing their own plants.

Art, Design and Music

In art, our focus will be on painting and colour mixing.  We’ll look at the artist Rita Greer, who painted the Great Fire in 2007. Using this painting as inspiration, we’ll create our own paintings demonstrating our knowledge of colour and tone.

Special Events and Activities

Friday 3rd May – T shirt dying

Friday 24th may – Stories for Schools book launch



Cursive letter formation powerpoint

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