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Year 2

Summer Term in Year 2 2017  


It has been wonderful to see all the children's hard work really pay off this term as their learning has really flourished. We are so proud of the children for working so hard so far  but there is still lots of learning planned for the term ahead.  We will be continuing to work on building our 'Learning Powers' and this will be more of a focus in the upcoming terms as we develop our interdependence skills even further ready for Key Stage Two. We will also work on our reciprocity skills as we develop further understanding and empathy for others.


We will be working on using fantastic, cursive hand writing across the curriculum and ensuring that we present our work beautifully at all times! There are rewards for Prince and Princess of Presentation and Writers of the Week who will be spotted for their real focus and dedication in these areas. In addition to this we will be checking our writing for spellings and use our purple, polishing pens to amend any spellings that we have misspelt.


In English we will be continuing to work on our spellings, ensuring that we use the spellings that we have learnt in our writing at all times. In our writing, we will be focusing on the different ways that information can be set out. We will be building on what we have been learning about in Science by writing informative reports about animals whose habitats are endangered. We will continue with our work on narrative by looking at stories such as 'Where the Wild Things Are' and writing our own version of this story. As we prepare for our important quizzes (SATs) in the Summer Term we will be doing lots more reading papers and showing the children lots of different ways that grammar questions can be presented. In particular we will be focusing on how to write an exclamation sentence and also conquer how to use an apostrophe for both procession and contraction!


In Maths we will be continuing to work on our mental maths, using jottings and drawings to support us when we are working things out in our heads. We will also be completing a whistle stop tour through all the main areas of Maths that we have looked at this year. We will be focusing on addition, subtraction, division and multiplication and using these strategies in a variety of contexts and problem solving situations. Please help by practicing all of these strategies with the children! We will also reinforce our learning on fractions, data handling, measures and 2D and 3D shapes.


As well as continuing to work very hard on our English and Maths, here are details of our other topics:


Our cross-curricular topic is  Pioneers, where we will be creating a time machine which will transport us to different times where we will learn about different pioneers such as Queen Victoria, the first men who landed on the moon and we will look at pioneering inventions such as the railways and the ways in which they changed people's lives.


In Science we will be learning about Mini Worlds. This topic will involve looking at what animals need to thrive, the habitats which they live in and how they have adapted to these habitats over time. In addition we will be looking at food chains and how the different aspects interlink with each other as well as micro habitats within the school grounds!


During our RE lessons will be exploring the special places of worship across a wide range of religions.  We will then make comparisons and links between churches from different denominations of Christianity. As well as exploring the Sikh place of worship, a Gurdwara and finding out about what happens there and the symbols and artefacts we might see.



                                        Things to know:

  • PE is on now on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please ensure that children have a full kit and that all clothing and footwear is named.
  • Spellings will be sent home on Mondays and the children will be tested on the following Monday. 
  • Additional homework will be sent home on a Friday and will need to be handed in by the following Wednesday.  
  • As we prepare the children for Key Stage Two we are asking them to be more independent in giving out their own invitations and letters and being responsible for taking their own home learning and any correspondence to school out of their bags on their own! We know how fabulous they have been with changing their reading books independently so we know they can do it!
We will do our best to be out on the playground at the end of the day - sometimes bus duties or other commitments mean that we can't be out there, but please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


Thank you for all your help and support,


Mrs Duckett, Mrs Duce, Mrs Johnson and Miss Bagshaw.   smiley


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